Summit Magnesium Salt Block




Summit Magnesium Salt Block

Summit Magnesium Salt Block is specifically designed for use at times of increased magnesium and sodium requirements, such as calving and lactation.

Features & Benefits

  • Convenient and suitable for use when extra magnesium supplementation is required
  • Assists in ruminant nutrition
  • A high sodium/potassium ratio to assist stock absorb essential magnesium
  • Trace minerals for animal health

Dose Rates

  • Magnesium Block 20kg
  • Cattle: 1 block per 10 stock units
  • Sheep: 1 block per 50 sheep

Active Elemental Loading

Sodium Chloride 85% Cobalt 65mg/kg
Sodium (min) 32% Iodine 95mg/kg
Magnesium 4.81% Selenium 3mg/kg


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