Summit Littlix Salt Blocks




Summit Littlix Salt Blocks x 8

Part of the Multimineral salt range, packaged as 8 x 2.5kg blocks. These are particularly suitable for high country sheep farming where smothering can be a problem if large blocks are used.


Features & Benefits

  • Convenient smaller blocks
  • Ideal for cattle, deer, horses, sheep and goats
  • Suitable for high country sheep farming to avoid smothering
  • Trace minerals for animal health

Dose Rates

  • Littlix Block 2.5kg
  • Cattle/Deer/Horse:1 block per stock unit
  • Sheep/Goat: 1 block per 10 stock units

Content – Active Elemental Loading

Sodium Chloride 89.2% Iodine 94 mg/kg
Sodium 34.8% Iron 89 mg/kg
Calcium 2.79% Cobalt 65 mg/kg
Copper 1250 mg/kg Selenium 3 mg/kg
Zinc 580 mg/kg


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